1. Oh yes we did. We did dress our baby up in an inside-out dress for a photo shoot last night. Please enjoy.

    The origins of Saint Lu’s Day (Lucy, Lucia) are somewhat varied, as is the story of her life. The wreath of candles is supposedly derived from Lu needing both hands to deliver supplies (sweets - also part of the tradition) to Christians hiding in catacombs from Roman forces.

    In these photos, our Lu holds a small marshmallow, which is as much a bribe to get a sleepy baby to cooperate with her excited parents as it is a part of the tradition of St. Lu’s Day. To be honest, the tradition of sweets was just a happy coincidence - the marshmallows were completely necessary.

    Happy St. Lu’s Day and Winter Solstice - may your longest night this year be filled with light and sweets!

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